How We Are Addressing COVID-19

Important Update

COVID-19 Update

Until further notice, we ask that all owners and patients wait outside until greeted by a staff member.

We are OPEN and available to care for your pets!

Dear River Run Animal Hospital Family,

The current situation regarding COVID-19 is stressful and at the forefront of our minds as it impacts families, friends, neighbors, businesses and citizens of the world. The health and well being of our staff, you and your families, and of course your pets is of the utmost importance to us. The Berewick community is joining in a commitment to controlling the spread of this virus. We want to provide an update on the actions we are taking at RRAH to help care for the community we love and navigate the new and uncertain waters together with the goal of keeping us all healthy and safe and allowing for the continued care of the animals we love.

  1. If you are scheduled for an appointment, we ask that you please wait outside. A staff member will greet you shortly after your arrival. Our staff will escort you and your pet in for the examination when we are ready for you. We may also ask to only bring the pet inside for treatment to decrease traffic through the hospital, or do the exam outdoors as far as possible.
  2. We are increasing the frequency of our cleaning and will also clean all frequently
    touched surfaces daily including door knobs, computers, counter tops, etc. We are using products that are known to be effective against viral pathogens.
  3. Drop-off appointments are another way to help us reduce exposure for one another.
    We are encouraging drop-off appointments, but they are not mandatory at this time, however this may change as week goes on. The intimate time we get to spend with you and your pet has always been cherished, but especially if you are older, have compromised health in your family or if you have traveled recently, we're committed to continuing to help your pet through drop-off appointments. Just call us at 704-486-5710.
  4. If your pet needs medications refilled or to pick up food, we will bring them out to your vehicle. Please call ahead to 704-486-5710. 
  5. Social distancing. Coronavirus can be spread through respiratory droplets, not just coughing and sneezing, so the CDC recommends working towards maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet between people. This will feel out of character for us, but we will work to maintain this when possible in appointments and when interacting with staff. Please understand if we don't shake your hand.
  6. Our small staff is committed to staying home with any sign of illness and are encouraged to do so. Please be patient if we are short on staff as those of us with small children will need to adjust to school closures. We so appreciate the collaborative effort of the community to keep everyone well and the kids cared for at home.
  7. Thankfully, coronavirus is unlikely to pass between pets and humans. The single confirmed case of viral particles in a pet dog occurred after close exposure to a human in a house under quarantine with a confirmed positive human case. Only one of the dogs in the household carried any viral particles (the other pet dog has been persistently negative). No animals have shown any signs of illness. The AVMA and CDC are currently saying (as of 3/11/20) that it is very unlikely for pets to be involved in the transmission of coronavirus, both among pets or from pet-to-human.

To us at RRAH, these feel like positive action steps we can take to help get closer to the end of this crisis and lessen its effects on our wonderful community. We are so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who have been supportive as our practice adapts to unpredicted challenges. We have never ceased to be amazed by all of you! Of course, this situation is evolving and RRAH will be flexible and we are keeping up on recommendations on how to most effectively operate in these confusing times. We will continue to keep you posted on changes or updates and are always open to your feedback and ideas. Thank you for your understanding, continued support, and assistance in these measures. We are in this together!

Please be well and take care of yourselves,

The Team at River Run Animal Hospital


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